When Ratings Determine Your Life

Being and living as a millennial is amazing. I get to live with different kind of technologies around me and I can get everything with a touch of a finger. Getting food comes really easy too. I can just lay on my bed, open up one of the food delivery services on my phone― Ubereats is my favorite one, and just scroll through the various range of menu on my small screen. Continue reading “When Ratings Determine Your Life”


Butt Donut by Annie Louey

(Photography by: Verve Portraits)

There is a saying that goes along the lines of ‘laughter is the best medicine.’ However, making people laugh, is not always easy. So does trying to talk about sensitive issues. I for one, always have trouble opening up with people around me about my own personal issues. However, Annie Louey does a fantastic job in making people laugh, while being able to bring up the sensitive topics that she cares about.

Continue reading “Butt Donut by Annie Louey”

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